PTA – Annual General Meeting

When is the AGM?
The AGM takes place every September – this year it will be on Thursday 14 September at 7pm in the school hall.

Why is an AGM held?
An AGM is held every September to review the previous academic year activity, elect the Committee and set the event dates for the upcoming year where required. It is also a good opportunity for new parents to the school to come along and see what the PTA does and meet other parents.

What happens with the election of Committee members?
When members are elected to the Committee they are elected to the post for 1 academic year September to September. At every AGM there is an opportunity for anyone to stand for the positions available.

What positions are available?
The Committee is set out in our constitution (this is based on the PTA UK format and a copy available in the PTA folder in the school office). The Committee is:

Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, 2 x members and 1 x staff member (usually Mr Roberts or Mrs Trickett).

For a quorum at an AGM there must be at least twice the number of committee members present – so 14.

What happens at the AGM?
First the previous year’s activities are presented and a report from the treasurer. Then the formal part of the meeting takes place with the election of the Committee. Someone has to be proposed and seconded for each position and then voted in. If more than one person stands for the position a vote takes place with the majority vote for the election to the position.

Once the formal part of the meeting has concluded we hold a ‘normal’ PTA meeting with upcoming event planning and any dates to be set.

To read the minutes of the meeting, please click here.

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